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If you are a tenant living in the UK and are struggling to negotiate the repair of certain faults and elements of dis repair within your home, there are further steps you may be able to take if you are unable to gain the support of your landlord. 

Your landlord is legally bound – by a rental agreement or contract you will have acknowledged and signed before moving into your property – to attend to matters of dis repair or home faults as soon as they are reported to them. 

Housing disrepair claims in Lancashire PR6 8 however, may arise if landlords fail to act upon that which is their duty.  We are here to help support any tenants in need of legal support with claims of property disrepair which fall to the responsibility of their landlords – and it is easier to get started in processing your claims than you may believe!

Housing Disrepair

The concept of ‘housing disrepair’ covers a fair amount of ground – perhaps more than you may be aware of – and we are therefore here as your local, nearby experts in housing disrepair claims in Lancashire PR6 8 to help break down a lot of the jargon and much of the process for you. 

If fixtures and fittings from electrical supply to water mains, plumbing or otherwise undergo dis repair – and it is your landlord’s contractual responsibility to arrange for it to be remedied – you must contact your landlord in the first instance as soon as physically possible. 

Your landlord will then need to attend to the problem as soon as possible.  Where possible, make your request known in writing – dated – so that you can trace back to the conversation if required. 

If your landlord fails to act or to even acknowledge your request, you may send a reminder – but do not be afraid to seek help from experts near me in housing claims should matters go on for too long.

Housing Disrepair Protocol

General housing-disrepair protocol should be overseen as part of any airtight tenancy agreement https://www.landlordnegligence.co.uk/tenancy/lancashire, one which has been overseen by a legal professional with impartiality – and it’s important to take note of said protocol in your rent agreement before you sign and/or move into your new home. 

Landlords have a certain number of obligations due to their tenants and their property in question – they’re required to carry out repairs to property exteriors (roofing, walls, guttering, windows, piping and doors) as well as utilities and gas piping, water tanking and boilers, bathroom installations, fires and heaters, electrical wiring and radiators. 

This is only scratching the surface – if it falls within the landlord’s remit, it is protocol that they arrange for the fault to be investigated and that it is financially covered by their own insurance unless the tenant has been negligent or has committed vandalism.

Housing Disrepair Solicitors

If you do find yourself in a situation where your landlord is failing to act with regard to a request for repairs to be carried out, it is important to find housing disrepair solicitors in your surrounding areas who may be able to support you. 

Chasing your landlord endlessly can carry a huge amount of stress – and disrepair claims in Lancashire PR6 8 never have to be complex or overbearing.  It is our advice that you keep a close log of all repairs necessary within the home, and any actions you have taken to attempt to arrange for the landlord to remedy said faults. 

Do bear in mind that you should always approach your landlord a number of times before seeking legal help – as you will need to duly prove that you have made a number of attempts to contact your landlord for such issues to be remedied. 

Call our team and we will be more than happy to offer you tailored advice for your specific situation.

Disrepair Compensation

Having a home and/or your essential facilities fall into disrepair can be stressful, and can also be costly – and if the matter remains unresolved as a fault of your landlord’s inaction or failure to acknowledge the problems at stake, you may be entitled to dis repair compensation. 

This type of remuneration may not be guaranteed, however, as there will need to be considerable proof that the faults in question have come around as a result of disrepair – and that said faults should fall under the jurisdiction of your landlord as per your rental agreement. 

Rest assured, our team will be able to closely analyse your case and will advise you of the right action to take should you be seeking to mount dis repair claims via your landlord. 

Do bear in mind that compensation will not be due to you should you have been negligent as per your rental agreement - https://www.landlordnegligence.co.uk/lancashire - or if problems have arisen as a result of your own inaction or vandalism. 

It is also recommended that you do not withhold rent from your landlord during this process – merely ensure that you are following the correct channels and processes for the problems in question to be fixed.


Disrepair is never any fun to handle, but your rental agreement exists to protect your rights should your home fall into such a state beyond your control. 

Your landlord should, legally, respond to any requests for assistance with disrepair as soon as possible – and if they fail to acknowledge your request or to attempt to remedy the situation, you may be entitled to start a claim with relevant legal advisors. 

Our team are here to support a wide variety of dis repair claims and concerns – all you need to do is call us to get started.

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If you are struggling to source repairs for home problems that have occurred beyond your fault, you may need to launch a disrepair claim. 

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